Leslie Karen Hammond 

Shaman /author/Speaker 

At many points during every light workers journey there’s a need for someone else to shine a light on the blind spots we don’t realize we’re ignoring. Bianca was chosen to fill that role for me. I gave her blanket permission to tell me like it is without worrying she’d offend me because hey, who doesn’t need a soul sister like that? If you’re here to serve, you get your lions share of stuff to work through!

I was going through a cash flow crunch and she assured me things would turn around and I’d be needing roller skates pretty quickly. Within 3 weeks of our discussion, multiple things began shifting. Money and opportunities I could’ve never imagined opened up. Two of the biggest and most surprising things were manifesting a 5-week teaching opportunity in China and taking a process I “downloaded” and applying it to folks struggling with addiction. Both of these prophecies created multiple experiences that changed me and the lives of many others on a global scale, forever.

Bianca is all heart. No ego, no BS, just divine truth. I trust her explicitly because she has the courage to walk the talk and that’s a rare commodity when the sh*t hits the fan.

"If you’re on a mission to influence humanity, you need Bianca on your team! She’s an angel in the flesh"


BIANCA....what can I say......fierce, fabulous, focused, determined, enlightening, motivating, unique and present.  These are just a few adjectives to describe this wonderful yogi.   Bianca came into my life when I was relatively new to yoga.   She helped me develop my practice and encouraged me to go beyond my own self imposed limitations to discover my continuing potential.  I have been to many yoga classes and I enjoy seeing how different instructors demonstrate their own style and share their talents with the class.  Bianca is one of the best and I believe it is an opportunity anyone into yoga should not miss.

Nancy Z  2016

Client Sharing: 

About 3 years ago I decided my workout regime needed something other than the cardio I was currently doing, so I gave yoga a try. I was not sure I would even like it and I signed up for 1 private session, but within the first 10 minutes of meeting Bianca Mazzola I knew that I would be back for more. Bianca explained all about yoga to me as we started, touching on her own personal experience as she had been training since she was 14 years old, I instantly felt centered and a feeling of tranquility came over me. Bianca had such patience with me as a newbie and she found a way to focus the class around my abilities, explaining each movement and spending the time to make sure I had the correct form of each pose before we moved on to the next. It was as though she knew exactly what my body needed to become stronger, and grow, before taking me to the next level. I did start taking group classes with Bianca which were not your cookie cutter classes, she made them fun, keeping the classes up beat  and energized, each class was different and always full of surprises. Bianca ends each class with a final meditation before bringing you back to reality. Bianca is a wonderful teacher, and enjoys sharing her gift of healing through yoga, loving people truly from the heart, and she enjoys sharing share her precious science and gifts of yoga with everyone

Maureen H 2016


Bianca Mazzola is an amazing woman (Goddess that is...)! She has helped me and my family members in so many aspects in our personal lives.  She knows exactly what you need to create harmony and peace within your family, everyday life, and business.  I have three boys and they are all so different. One was having problems sleeping at night and having a lot of anxiety...she was able to pinpoint the problem and give tools to me and to him to solve the problem.   All  of them are doing exceptionally well now.  She also has been able to give me insights and direction in my business at times I needed it. Plus, she has helped other friends and extended family members with direction when feeling lost and confused. This woman is the real deal. What I love about her is she that she teaches YOU the tools to handle problems on your own when they arise and how to call on your own angels so you can create the life you want. I highly recommend Bianca for any direction that you may need in your life or if you are trying to grow more spiritually.
--B.C.R. Franklin Lakes NJ 

I use to attend a hot yoga studio and would always try to make it to Bianca's vinyasa flow! She was the only one who made me feel challenged, inspired, and fully supported the whole time I was there. Bianca's delivery of Yoga knowledge and her contagious spirit made me love attending her class. I always learned something new learning to never push my body but use my breathing as a tool.  Bianca really cares about each individual standing in front of her on they mats and about their yoga journey. Highly recommended! 

-Danielle Christen

Yoga Student 

 I am a 52 year old woman with scoliosis, which had caused me a lifetime of chronic back pain. This past January, my husband finally convinced me to give yoga a try. At that point my daily pain level was about an eight. I had pretty much resigned myself to living with the pain. I had previously tried physical therapy, trigger point injections and various anti inflammatory medications. Enter Bianca. She came to my house with a kind, friendly, non-threatening demeanor and immediately felt like an old friend. She worked with me twice a week for three months, helping me learn and build up my strength, balance and confidence. In March, I felt comfortable enough to join a gym and start taking classes. This is something I had never felt like I could do before.  Bianca continued to come to my house once a week (I am not giving that up!). She continued to teach me, to help me modify poses to fit my body and to build my confidence. Today my daily pain level is down to a one or two. I have more energy, sleep better and look forward to my yoga classes, both at the gym (2-4 times per week) and with Bianca. 
I feel so lucky to have had Bianca come into my life. 


Bianca is just the best!  Bianca has been teaching my family yoga for over a year.  She has done a great job in tailoring it to each family member -- man, woman and child.  She understands the body well and is able to personalize each class for each individual.  Even though we are in a group lesson, we each feel we are getting a private class.  Bianca also is an expert at aligning and stretching the body to help and heal injuries.  She has kept us out of pain many a time.  She also knows when we need to skip the yoga and just calm down.  She is so great at helping the mind and the body relax with meditatoin.  Keep doing what you are doing, Bianca.  You are the best!



Have you ever walked into a room and connected with a total stranger, who was able to turn on lights you forgot was able to shine so bright? Have you ever felt like there has to be a better way? Well that's exactly how I felt at one time, prior to meeting Bianca.

I had missed the opportunity to take her yoga class many times before, when she mentioned she only had two slots left I said ok, I'm getting one of them.

Her meditation classes were like no other class, just after the second class I was able to feel a mental shift. A few personal challenges were overcome and new undestandings began to take root. Her keen insight and subtle approach was just what I needed to restore my spiritual vault. There was a peace that began to follow me, my relationship with my daughter had improved immensely. As we both attended the meditation I noticed a change in her as we'll. She shifted from being the angry teenager to an open Butterfly.  Thank you so much Bianca for being who you are. You helped restore the relationship between my daughter and I.. We still may not see eye to eye, but we are able to communicate much better. I would highly recommend your services!!

Kendra J 2016

I met Bianca a little bit over a year ago.  For years I had been told that I was a perfect candidate to begin yoga given my background with sports and numerous nagging pains.  Bianca turned out to be the ultimate teacher of the yoga practice for me.  Her patience combined with her passion to make me better is why I have never felt better. And also why I continue to see her for private lessons and also in group classes.  I know the many things she has taught me will serve me well in the future!  There is no better yoga instructor out there than Bianca.

E.G Student