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Business intuitive strategy session :

Session are for Executive Leaders ,

Developing Dynamic Business strategies to restore , create and establish policy , procedures , awareness for growth and sustainability. 35 yrs in multiple Service oriented industries. Gives Bianca extensive hands on experiences that enhance her multi sensory abilities . Creating a sustainable successful business is based in the leaders abilities to recognize quality to value and reward with respect. It’s not the clients that define a successful business , it’s the team that is created and the leaders compassion and drive to delegate responsibilities through authentic awareness of strong abilities transparent communication and vulnerability. There is no BS here its called as it is seen . The biggest failure in a business in a owner or CEO that lacks the vision of the gold that surrounds them .

Sessions are created specifically for each clients needs .

45 minute phone interview required :$125 .

Over view, defining challenge & expectations

Sessions $350 one to one 90 minutes.

Packages built to clients specific needs. Packages can include one to one , Team sessions, individual team member sessions.

  • Defining causes by not treating the effects

  • Conceptually designed strategies to move through challenges wholistically ( purposely misspelled )

  • Creating and developing procedures to transform challenges into opportunities.

  • Symphonically viewing multiple sectors in business models , bridging gaps with collective purpose to create passive revenue.

  • Conflict resolution through meaningful awareness that recognizes and supports team contributions

  • Moving vision from ideals to standards

  • Develop personal and team time management.

  • Realistically set potentials that have procedures to encourage collective accountability.

  • Design the foundation that support the concepts by connecting insights that are expressed through meaningful dialogue that align purpose to create a focused cohesive thought .

  • Sustainable success is through the ability to becoming adaptable with out compromising integrity . Practical tools, flexible strategies , Defined targets and goals , Procedures and processes to meet potentials .

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